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The iPhone! Not only the fame but a reference of smartphone generations! The success of the iPhone is not inexplicable.

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Looking back, ten years ago, the first iPhone was a revolution because all smartPhones were not very elegant, half keyboard and half screen. The following chronology of iPhone helps understand how the iPhone has revolutionized throughout these 10 years. On January 9, , the original iPhone is born. It is called iPhone Edge; it appears as revolutionary by its absence of physical keyboard, with its wide touch screen and its fluid and intuitive software.

In , the iPhone 3G comes in with the same design with. It marks the arrival of the App Store.

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The following year, the iPhone 3GS enters the evolution of iPhone 3G with the same aesthetic but the 2Megapixel sensor of the iPhone camera is replaced by the 3MegaPixels one. The storage capacity is increased to 16 or 32 GB. In June , the first iPhone to break the design of the original iPhone is the iPhone 4.

The rear case is made of glass and the shape is rectangular. It integrates a new high resolution screen and can record HD videos. The antennas are hidden in the metal frame. After a year the iPhone 4S is the first to be revealed by Tim Cook, keeping the same design as his predecessor. The main novelty lies in software. For the first time, Apple is integrating the intelligent assistance called Siri. The photo sensor has also upgraded to 8 Megapixels. The iPhone 4S is the first to shoot in full HD. For the first time since , Apple changes the screen size; the iPhone 5 is born with 5 inch display and add an extra row of icons on the iOS.

A glass for case is now metal. The iPhone 5 is first product to benefit from the lightning charging connector. In October , the iPhone 5S keeps the same design as its predecessor, the main novelty is the software level. The iPhone 5C comes the same year and is a generation of new design compared to previous versions. The case of the iPhone 5C is made entirely of plastic available in different colors.

It takes the same feature as the iPhone 5.

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New change arrives in for the first time in Apple history. Apple offers two iPhones of different size: the iPhone 6 with 4.

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The design is completely revised. Both models have the same technical characteristics. The visible novelty is the new color rose gold and the main breakthrough innovation hides in reality in the screen with the 3D Touch Technology with detects the pressure level of the finger of the user and allows varying features and options. It is the least expensive iPhone of all previous Apple iPhone product. Apple has seen what most people want and instead of making this seem like a cheaper version of the true flagship it has given it the full iPhone 11 name.

You could think of this upgrade as an iPhone XRS: it takes the previous phone, keeps the design virtually unchanged and alters the internals.

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Could this just be the best value iPhone yet? The shorter verdict is that these new rear cameras are excellent. Apple has also added 4K60 video recording, made improvements to its Smart HDR feature that was introduced last time around and has finally built a Night mode into the camera app for much better shooting when the light is poor. Snaps taken with the Night mode automatically enabled are, on the whole, fantastic.

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You get clean, crisp photo which matches — and can exceed — the Pixel 3 and P30 Pro. Pictures taken in less taxing environments are predictably excellent. Detail has been dramatically upped from the previous iPhones and, to my eye, dynamic range is better — giving you a clearer definition between the lightest and darkest elements of the picture.

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You can shoot on both cameras up to 4K60fps and the colours and tone are well-balanced across both. These slow-motion selfies are surprisingly fun but also seriously gimmicky. Enjoy this unlimited plan and enjoy browsing speeds of up to 10mbps, as well as a 3 month free trial. Bag yourself a brand new iPhone 11 and enjoy a healthy monthly allowance for a not too shabby monthly cost. Apple seems more settled than usual with the designs of its trio of iPhones. The iPhone 11 Pro line has been virtually unchanged since the iPhone X arrived and just about killed the bezel, while the iPhone 11 keeps the same look and feel as the iPhone XR.

It still weighs the same, at g, keeps the 8.

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What that really means for you, if you accidentally drop your shiny new phone on a stone floor, remains to be seen. I have already seen plenty of examples of cracked iPhone 11s. Where the design differences are most obvious is the new, larger camera housing. The iPhone 11 adds a second camera into the mix, making both sensors physically larger in the process. The iPhone XR introduced bright colours to the iPhone line for the first time since the often derided iPhone 5C and they remain here. For the iPhone 11, Apple has muted some of the brighter colours, giving them more of a pastel finish.

A deep Product RED version rounds off the selection. A year on from the iPhone XR, and two from the iPhone X, I do have to say this design is starting to feel slightly in need of a refresh. While the iPhone 11 remains a good-looking phone, the overly-large notch and slightly thicker-than-expected bezel look dated when compared to Samsung Galaxy S10 and OnePlus 7 Pro.

This is a much more manageable device than, say, the iPhone 8 Plus and it crams a bigger screen into a smaller overall footprint. The screen remains the same as the iPhone XR too, likely to the dismay of many people. The 6. Does it make that much of a difference? Not really, no. If you go pixel-peeping with an iPhone 11 Pro and a high-end Android phone next to it you will notice a little less sharpness, but this is a bright and colour-rich display that comes in at the perfect size.

True Tone is onboard for altering harsh hues depending on your environment and you can bring the screen to life by raising it or tapping. The iPhone 11 Pro Max might have bagged that award with its massive improvements over the iPhone XS Max , but the iPhone 11 is still a really long-lasting phone that I found went slightly further than its predecessor on a single charge. Apple phones have always impressed me more than Android counterparts when it comes to battery drain during intensive tasks like gaming and streaming. Not including a fast charger is clearly a cost-cutting measure and it remains a real downer against this phone.