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EXPIRED: Battlefield Hardline Ultimate Edition (Xbox One Download) - Gold Required. Publisher: Electronics Arts. Battlefield Hardline Ultimate Edition (Xbox .
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Did you like this? Like this Like this. Hey Chieh, anyway we can get Canadian prices listed on the Blog? These are also the Canadian prices.

I got Red Faction for 4 bucks Canadian! Looking forward to the black friday sale wink wink! I saw the 2. Totally took back what I said.

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Given their track record the Black Friday sale will likely be awesome. The internet is an outrage generator. We have no idea if those 2. NEVER go by star ratings on the blog. Otherwise the trolls win! Wow, way to half ass the Vita selection here! Is that really it for Vita on this sale?

None of its excellent co-op action games, like Soul Sacrifice or Freedom Wars, none of its other anime tie in games that feature multiplayer, not even the likes of so much as Senran Kagura or something just for some filler? I truly loathe to be the one beating this dead horse here, but what is going on? Why is Borderlands 2 for Vita never on sale even when its console counterparts have been on sale multiple times? Sony, get it together. Sony has shown complete unwillingness to discount anything on the Vita, from the games to the memory cards to the console itself.

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Selfishly, I hope the DLC for some of these games shows up later this week. Is there more content in the DLC than the actual game itself? As in…it sucks more than a kick in the nuts. I just wanted to say that I think that these is a pretty good sale, at least there is a ton of content. But what I really wanted to praize is the heads-up about the cofcofblackfridayflashsalecofcof because, if not, maybe many of us would use this code right away, and would be really pissed off over the weekend.

So really, thank you for that. Keep up the good work! Will you extend the sale on the Sherlock Holmes games for PS3 that was announced on sale last week, but for which it was never actually possible to click on the buy icon to due a technical problem? My sisters friend has been averaging 15k for months now and she works about 20 hours a week.

This is what I do… wallstreet This sale runs through Monday and Black Friday sales would probably last the same amount of time. This is a pretty good selection of games.

Defense Grid 2 was worth every penny I paid at launch. Hopefully they discount Madden and Fifa. Whatever im not complaining :. Finally a decent sale thank you!!!! I will definitely be picking up games just not yet. And we did get that code! Unfortunately, the PC multiplayer servers were deserted the entire weekend, so I have played 0. It's not really a huge deal because after the complete mess that was Battlefield 4 at launch, we wouldn't have felt comfortable slapping a score on this thing anyway until we saw how the servers held up.

I did play Hardline 's singleplayer campaign though, and I enjoyed it. Here are my thoughts, if you're interested in the solo side of the game. You can cover the military's olive drab with as much blue and black paint as you want, but at the end of the day Hardline 's multiplayer still felt like I was storming compounds in Fallujah or at the very best reenacting the chaos of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 's US-invasion storyline.

Just, you know, without tanks. Hardline 's singleplayer campaign is an entirely different beast. You play the part of Nick Mendoza, a rookie cop who lands in Miami's Vice department. Yes, like the TV show. And that's important, because Hardline is itself taking cues from TV. The entire campaign is set up like an episodic TV show, right down to a Netflix-style "Next Episode" overlay in between missions. It's a clever conceit to an ever-so-slightly-clever game—probably the best or at least most dedicated use of the episodic format I've seen since Alan Wake's American Nightmare.

Mendoza quickly discovers that not everything in his department is entirely on-the-level. A name keeps cropping up: Stoddard a. Sergeant Stoddard a. Stoddard is a brash hothead who's quick to go for his gun, but is he dirty? And is anyone else dirty? Look, it's not the greatest, most original police story ever told this side of The Thin Blue Line. It's not going to win awards for its amazing, prescient look at the state of the country's police force or anything along those lines.

This isn't The Wire. This isn't Breaking Bad. But Hardline is fun.

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And honestly, well-acted too. It's crazy that when LA Noire launched, the facial tech in that game was so amazing for the time. Now, regular ol' games like Hardline are hitting that same level of fidelity.

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The game is just gorgeous across-the-board, which comes as no surprise after Battlefield 4. Take a look at this screenshot driving in Miami, for instance:. I actually sent that last one to a friend who lives in Los Angeles, I was so excited. And you can see Hollywood! And if you pan over you can see Santa Monica! And they're all in the right place! It's all beautiful. Which brings us to how Hardline plays.

Honestly this is the most interesting part: It plays nothing like Battlefield. Or, at least, it doesn't have to.

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You could go into every level and just shoot everything that moves. In fact, I have no doubt a subset of people will play the campaign like they play normal Battlefield , and they'll go "This is dumb.

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You hear that? Battlefield Hardline 's singleplayer campaign is not a shooter. If you play it as a shooter, I guarantee you'll be bored.